East Asia and Pacific
Environmental Initiative
USAID and State working with partners
protecting the environment and
improving livelihoods

EAPEI in 2004

In FY 2004 USAID managed $1,200,000 of EAPEI resources making grants to 1) WildAid, Inc. and the advertising company J. Walter Thompson to “Combat Trafficking of Wildlife and Forest Products in Southeast Asia Region” focusing on Thailand and Cambodia and 2) to Counterpart International, Partners in Community Development Fiji and ShangriLa Resorts for “Coral Gardens - Living Reefs "Cakau Bulabula" in Fiji. USAID solicited applications which were subsequently reviewed by a joint State/USAID committee.

State chose to obligate and manage $540,000 which was used for 1) Framework for Environmentally Sustainable Cities in ASEAN implemented via USAEP and 2) Strengthening ASEAN trade and customs controls for endangered species implemented via State/OES instrument to Traffic. In addition, State/EAP also funded from Indonesia ESF an application from the EAPEI 2004 application process to Tropical Forest Foundation, which was follow-on to activities previously funded by EAPEI and USAID/Indonesia.

State and USAID worked together to implement this Inititiative. EAPEI grant solicitation was under the USAID the Request for Application (RFA) for the Global Development Alliance, which opened 12/23/2003 and closed 3/15/2004. Those applications which supported EAPEI objectives in the environment in East Asia and Pacific Countries were passed to EAPEI for consideration.

The legistlative requirement was as follows: House Rpt.108-401 - MAKING APPROPRIATIONS FOR AGRICULTURE, RURAL DEVELOPMENT, FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, AND RELATED AGENCIES FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING SEPTEMBER 30, 2004, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES under ECONOMIC SUPPORT FUND says under Economic Support Funds "Provided further, That of the funds appropriated under this heading, not less than $1,750,000 should be made available for East Asia and Pacific Environment Initiatives: ". This was passed by Congress and signed by the President.

What happened to EAPEI in 2003?

Updated January 23, 2005