East Asia and Pacific
Environmental Initiative
USAID and State working with partners
protecting the environment and
improving livelihoods

SEA-EI and EAPEI Library

EAPEI Plans and Procedures


EAPEI General:

An Overview of the East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative (2 pages DOC 87kb)

EAPEI Management Assessment by Mary Hobbs (PDF 148K)

EAPEI General Powerpoint Show (ESTOC 5/2000)

East Asia and Pacific environmental initiative (EAPEI) : implementation progress report. Dec 1999 USAID. Bur. for Asia and Near East PD-ABS-533. PDF 88 KB (Word 166K)

East Asia and Pacific environmental initiative (EAPEI): program summary Sep 1999 USAID. Bur. for Asia and Near East PD-ABS-532 PDF 87 KB (Word 144K)

SEA-EI Implementation Status Report, November 1999
SEA-EI Implementation Status Report, March 1999

SEA-EI Initial Environmental Examination July 1998  (Word 130K)
SEA-EI Program Description, August 1998

Goal A: Improved Forestry and Land Use Management

Objective A.1. Improved Fire Management and Prevention
Objective A.2. Improved Forest Management Techniques and Policies
Objective A.3. Improved Biodiversity Conservation 

Goal B: Improved Coastal Resources Management

Objective B.1. Improved Marine Resources Management
Objective B.2. Improved Marine Biodiversity Conservation 

Goal C: Improved Environmental Planning and Management 

Objective C.1. Improved Climate Change Response
Objective C.2. Improved Pollution Prevention

General Reference

ConserveOnline is a public library of conservation tools, techniques, and experience, and a community of conservation practitioners. This site is intended to provide information and support to anyone making conservation-related decisions, from the staff of conservation organizations to land managers at government agencies to local land trusts to private landowners. ConserveOnline is an open forum for sharing successes and failures, and for connecting scientific research with field-based conservation practice.

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) Over the next five years, all researchers with internet connections in up to 40 countries will get online access to over 6000 journals, and abstracts from another 20,000 titles - from African Development Review to the Veterinary Journal. Publishers have agreed country-wide access licences at very heavily reduced rates. At the same time, INASP is helping journals published in developing countries to go online and providing the opportunity for a range of 'Internet' training to help ensure that the information available is utilised to its fullest potential.

SciDev.Net a forum for authoritative news, information and comment about how science and technology can help meet the needs of developing nations. Our main activity is running a website (www.scidev.net) that provides a regularly updated source of news, views and information on topics ranging from climate change and genetically modified crops to intellectual property and the ethics of medical research. SciDev.Net was set up with the support of the journals Nature and Science, both of which allow us to provide free access to selected articles each week. One important feature of the website is 'dossiers' collections of authoritative articles and background information on key science-related issues of direct interest to developing countries.

EAPEI Tool Shed for Partners


Free journals for developing country professionals compiled at http://www.ifpri.org/library/devresources.htm.

AGORA is base on the model of HINARI (for the health area). Individual publishers reserve the right to add to or delete countries from the list
given at http://www.aginternetwork.org/en/el.php. The countries, generally with an annual GNI per capita per annum of US$1000 or less at 31 December 2000, have been selected by the Publisher Partners and will be amended by them from time to time.

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