East Asia and Pacific
Environmental Initiative
USAID and State working with partners
protecting the environment and
improving livelihoods


Activities by programming  year

EAPEI 2002 Index to activities
    All FY2002 proposals received Word Doc
EAPEI 2001 index to activities

EAPEI 2001 Abstracts (Doc)
    All FY2001 proposals received Word Doc
EAPEI 2000 index to activites
     All FY2000 proposals received  
EAPEI 1999 index to activities
SEA-EI 1998 index to activities

Activities by sector area

Goal A: Improved Forestry and Land Use Management
    Objective A.1. Improved Fire Management and Prevention
    Objective A.2. Improved Forest Management Techniques and Policies
    Objective A.3. Improved Biodiversity Conservation
Goal B: Improved Coastal Resources Management
    Objective B.1. Improved Marine Resources Management
    Objective B.2. Improved Marine Biodiversity Conservation 
Goal C: Improved Environmental Planning and Management 
    Objective C.1. Improved Climate Change Response
    Objective C.2. Improved Pollution Prevention

Activities by implementing institution

Department of State Home EAP OES
USDA Forest Service IF Home
USDI International Programs Home
USDI Office of Surface Mining
Environmental Protection Agency Home
NOAA National Weather Service Home
NOAA Natonal Marine and Fisheries Service
Center for Disease Control Home
Peace Corps Home

Conservation International Home
International Marinelife Alliance
Home Vietnam Philippines
Marine Aquarium Council
Reef Check
The Nature Conservancy
Home Asia Pacific
Tropical Forest Foundation  Home
URI Coastal Resources Center
WildAid Home
Wildlife Conservation Society Home Asia
World Resources Institute Home
World Wildlife Fund
Home International US Indonesia Philippines Malaysia Pacific Thailand

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Home
International Center for Research in Agroforestry
(ICRAF) Home
    ICRAF in Southeast Asia

Palau International Coral Reef Center Home
South Pacific Regional Environmental Program (SPREP)

Other institutions

Activities by country

Cambodia Links
China/Hong Kong Links
Indonesia  Links
Pacific Links
Palau  Links
Philippines Links
Thailand  Links
Vietnam Links

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