East Asia and Pacific
Environmental Initiative
USAID and State working with partners
protecting the environment and
improving livelihoods

Effective June 10, 2005 this site is not longer being maintained but remains available as a reference site for EAPEI and it's activities

EAPEI activities organized by year, sector, country, and institution

Partner tool shed:  Resources to increase partner effectiveness

EAPEI: Process and alternatives

EAPEI Goal and Objective

The goal of
the East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative (EAPEI) is to improve environmental conditions and quality of life by increasing environmental capacity and knowledge in the East Asia and Pacific region through joint State/USAID and partner efforts. The Objective is to establish an efficient, transparent and effective grants program contributing to accomplishing the EAPEI goal. The EAPEI implements through agreements with US federal agencies, international and regional organizations, universities and USAID-registered non-governmental organizations.

What is EAPEI?

The East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative (EAPEI)
addresses critical environmental challenges and opportunities in East Asia and the Pacific in the areas of forest resources management and coastal and marine resources management.  The EAPEI works to compliment other US government investment in the region by supporting transboundary, cross-border and regional activities and institutions and by supporting activities in USAID non-presence countries.

The EAPEI follows the Southeast Asia Environmental Initiative (SEA-EI), a one-year program funded in FY 98 to address fire and smoke episodes through collaborative work with nations and other donors in the region. The SEA-EI supported better forest management techniques and policies, improved fire prevention and fighting, and improved climate-impact forecasting and environmental monitoring.

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