The Job Seekers Guide for International and Environmental Careers

Major Institutions in International Natural Resources Management
    Consulting Firms
    Conservation non-profit organizations
    Developmental non-profit organizations
    US Government
    International Organizations

    Consulting Firms

Arthur D. Little is one of the world's foremost consulting firms, with more than 50 offices worldwide. Founded in 1886, it helps leading organizations create innovation across the full spectrum of their activities, from setting strategy and shaping the organizational culture to developing cutting-edge products and technologies. It is unique in its commitment to helping its clients reinvent their organizations, enhance their capacity for learning and change, and create lasting value.  General career information.  No specific positions posted.  Resumes can be electronically submitted

Associates in Rural Development (ARD), a privately owned consulting firm,  adheres to the highest professional standards to achieve results. Our clients rely on our worldwide experience and our distinguished, multidisciplinary staff. Clients also benefit from our easy access to the innovative technologies and research available in the United States.  ARD lists both Overseas and US positions as well as a Consultants resource page.

Checchi and Company provides technical assistance, management consulting and research services. Our proven capabilities have been applied to all phases of the technical assistance project cycle, including needs assessment, project design, project execution and performance evaluation.   Employment Opportunities

Chemonics International provides technical and management services that promote sustainable growth and higher living standards around the world.  Chemonics is one of the largest U.S. consulting firms providing expertise in developing and emerging-market countries.  Career opportunities are briefly listed for both international and Washington, DC-based assignments.

Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) provides economic development solutions to business, government, and civil society worldwide. We are a multi-service firm with a diverse practice and an expanding client base. By offering challenging assignments, management systems based on teamwork, and an ownership stake in the company, we attract and retain a highly talented professional staff.  Employment opportunities are available for home office staff and overseas technical specialists.

IRG is a full-service management consulting firm with worldwide experience. Since it was founded in 1978, IRG has undertaken assignments for public and private sector clients in more than 90 countries. Our professional staff includes highly regarded specialists who have pioneered the analytical techniques employed in their fields.  Has a Job Opportunities at IRG page for domestic postions and Recruitment Announcements for International. Does not accept calls or FAXes

PADCO is an international development consulting firm that has been providing urban, rural, and regional development services to governments and private clients since 1965. PADCO designs and manages effective, client-specific solutions to systemic problems resulting from rapid urbanization, inefficient economic and physical development, unemployment and related poverty, overburdened municipal delivery systems, and environmental degradation.  Employment Opportunities at PADCO

    Conservation non-profit organizations

The African Wildlife Foundation has been working with the people of Africa to protect their invaluable natural resources since 1961. Most of AWF's staff is based in Africa, working at the grass roots with park managers and communities to safeguard wildlife and wilderness areas.  Excellent Newsletter and Bookstore Has Careers, jobs and opportunties page

Conservation International (CI) is a field-based, non-profit organization that protects the Earth's biologically richest areas and helps the people who live there improve their quality of life.  Employment and Internships are both listed but are well hidden under about CI

The Nature Conservancy is active both domestically and internationally with programs both in Latin America and the Caribbean and in Asia/Pacific.  Very upbeat careers page.

the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), headquartered at New York City's Bronx Zoo,works to save wildlife and wild lands throughout the world.  Career Opportunities at WCS is well hidden so you will appreciate this link.

IUCN - The world Conservation Union, is one of the world's oldest international conservation organizations. Today it is a union of governments, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations working at the field and policy levels, together with scientists and experts, to protect nature.  Vacancies,  IUCN Members often have vacancy pages on their websites. Links to their sites can be found via the IUCN Members DirectoryUS office

World Resources Institute provides information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems.  Our mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment for current and future generations.  Our program meets global challenges by using knowledge to catalyze public and private action.  Job Openings are mostly in the Washington, DC area

World Wildlife Fund (WWF/US) is dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wildlands. WWF directs its conservation efforts toward three global goals: protecting endangered spaces, saving endangered species, and addressing global threats.  WWF/US has a well organized Jobs PageWWF/International  Job site is more limited.  See also WWF/UK and their jobs site

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.  The primary objectives of the Centre shall be to help promote the development of an economically and environmentally sound mountain ecosystem and to improve the living standards of mountain populations", especially in the HKH Region. In pursuing its mandate, ICIMOD works mainly at the interface between research and development and acts as a facilitator for generating new mountain-specific knowledge of relevance to mountain development.  No jobs listed

    Developmental non-profit organizations

Africare has become a leader among private, charitable U.S. organizations assisting Africa and is the oldest and largest African-American organization in that field.  Africare's self-help programs benefit families and communities in food, water, the environment, health, private-sector development, governance and emergency humanitarian aid.  Employment page is well hidden and generic.

CARE USA is one of the world's largest private international relief and development organizations.  CARE has become a leader in sustainable development and emergency aid, reaching tens of millions of people each year in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.  CARE reaches out to people whose lives are devastated by humanitarian emergencies, or who are struggling each day in poor communities to survive and improve their lives. CARE focuses its approach at the family and community levels. We believe that each family should enjoy a basic level of livelihood security.  Job Opportunities page is well organized and informative

Catholic Relief Services is the official overseas relief and development agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), working in over 80 countries to alleviate poverty, hunger and suffering, with programs that uphold the dignity of the human person and recognize that we are united into one human family. Catholic Relief Services programs and projects include health, agriculture, microfinance, education, human capacity development, humanitarian assistance in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, Latin America and The Caribbean, and the Middle East. Catholic Relief Services also has emergency programs wherever they are needed

Church World Service:  partners on the journey ......with churches and organizations in more than 80 countries, sharing the struggle to help people move beyond poverty and powerlessness. Born in the aftermath of World War II, today Church World Service is 35 Protestant, Anglican, and Orthodox communions in the U.S., cooperating worldwide in programs of long-term development, emergency response, and assistance to refugees.  Posts jobs to National Council of Churches web site. Jobs listed include domestic (Baltimore) and international.

Save the Children of the United States:  A long history of helping children in need.  Operating with the efficiency of a successful business, we remain faithfully committed to directing the lion's share of our resources to serving children and families in need.  We work in 15 states across the United States and in more than 35 developing nations.  Careers page covers career opportunities, interships and volunteer positions. Jobs are posted also in the publication International Career Employment Weekly.

Winrock International works in the United States and some 40 countries around the world each year. We consolidate innovative concepts, sound research, new technologies, and indigenous knowledge to form a strong foundation on which to build multidisciplinary programs that are sustainable and replicable.  We work independently or in collaboration with other organizations. Efforts focus on five critical areas: Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management, Leadership & Human Resource Development, Renewable Energy, and Rural Employment & Enterprise Development.  Jobs and extensive international volunteer opportunities are posted

     US Government

US Agency for International Development
    Internal career positions including New Entry Employees
    Personal Service Contractors  listserve also available for updates

See also USAID Career Opportunites

US Department of State provides a good discussion of the range of positions from Foreign Service Officers, Civil Service, Internships and Fellowships.  Also good links to positions with UN organizations and teaching opportunities overseas.

USDA/FAS International Cooperation & Development has international development positions based in USDA headquarters, and other USDA positions detailed to U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) headquarters, both in Washington, DC. Occasionally, positions are available overseas. These are all Schedule B appointments (non-career, excepted service, normally for a 13- month appointment, often with the possibility of one or more renewals of appointment).  Positions here generally not advertised elsewhere in USDA or USG.  General Job Opportunities page has, in addition, links to USDA and OPM job sites.

Peace Corps  Consider applying to become a Peace Corps Volunteer -- it's still the toughest job you'll ever love.  For overseas and domestic staff positions click here

The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.

SES Job Vacancies:  OPM's weekly file of job vacancies for senior executives from around the government.

The FedWorld  Federal Job Search uses files created by the Office of Personnel Management in Macon, Georgia. The kind folks in Macon create a series of database files using input from hundreds of human resources people around the government. FedWorld downloads source files from the FJOB bulletin board system.

    International Organizations

World Bank Group provides an attractive discussion of working at the Bank, the various recruitment programs (Professional and Technical staff vacancies, Knowledge Intern Program, Young Professionals Program, Summer Internship Program) and a electronic submission of resumes.

The African Development Bank is a regional multilateral development bank, engaged in promoting the economic development and social progress of its Regional Member Countries (RMCs) in Africa. Few jobs listed but individuals can register with AFDB DACON a database of Individual Consultants and Consulting Firms maintained by the African Development Bank Group.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Professional Staff Vacancies are listed but no consultants register.

The Inter-American Development Bank is the oldest and largest regional development bank. It is the main source of multilateral financing for economic, social and institutional development projects as well as trade and regional integration programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Employment and Scholarships infromation is hidden under About IDB.

The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) has an convenient job opportunities page showing opportunities for each of it's sixteen international agriculture research centers.

Vacancies (Senior and Professional Posts) in International Organizations (FAO, UNEP, UNDP, ect) as compiled by State Department.  No link to the International Organizations nor the position descriptions.

United Nations System general web site allows one to link to UN agencies.  The International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) of the UN regulates and coordinates the conditions of service of staff (~50,000 people) in the United Nations common system (excludes World Bank Group and IMF) while promoting and maintaining high standards in the international civil service.   Vacancy announcement bulletin. (occasional environmental)

The Food and Agriculture Organization, with a mandate to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity, and to better the condition of rural populations, is the largest autonomous agency within the United Nations system with  more than 4,300 staff members around the world. The Organization offers direct development assistance, collects, analyses and disseminates information, provides policy and planning advice to governments and acts as an international forum for debate on food and agriculture issues.  Vacancy announcements are available in English, French and Spanish.  

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