Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2002 2:15 PM
Subject: Update on the Resch Family

As you know, I’m visiting Mom and Dad for the next couple of weeks helping them out and departing March 3.

I got a late flight out on Friday night from Washington, DC, transited Chicago where I had a good opportunity to chat with Rosy and then on to Minneapolis to be picked up by Marilyn in the folks car. We chatted from the airport to her house and then I drove up to the Cabin arriving about 1:00 am. Both Mom and Dad were sleeping when I arrived and I managed not to wake them up coming in.

Mom was up about 8:00 and . Dad was awake also, and drifted in and out of sleep until he got up about 11:00 and went to his easy chair. During that period Mom or I checked on him every half hour or so. Generally, he would take a sip of water.

About 11:00 am , Dad got dressed and with the walker came out to the living room. He remains weak and the journey was fatiguing. He took his pills, drank a glass of orange juice and ate about half a snack pack of diced pears. I had brought some ginger snap cookies and he ate about half of one. I’ve requested Hospice bring over a wheel chair on Monday to see if it will give Dad confidence to make the journey from the bedroom to the living room and back more frequently. Though the distance is short, walking is great effort and Dad is concerned that he might fall.

Once up we (Dad, Mom and I) had a wide ranging conversation till about 1:00 pm when I warmed up a chicken, pasta, vegetable casserole that Ali had made on Thursday for lunch for Mom and I. Dad attempted to eat a little but quickly lost appetite and moved back from the table to the easy chair. After lunch, I went into Cambridge to get groceries and to pick up a couple of prescriptions. Mom napped on the sofa and Dad in the easy chair while I was gone.

Further conversation, supper of pizza and I went to Church for 7:30 mass. Mom and Dad watched the Olympics until I got back and then we helped Dad to bed. He had a brief coughing spell for about 10 minutes about 10:30 pm , which stopped with a little water. The Deacon from the Church in Braham was planning to come out to bring the folks communion Sunday afternoon so I asked him also to bring out the format for the Catholic Burial rites, some appropriate scripture reading and songs. We plan to, over the next two weeks, take a look at potential readings and decide on what Dad might like for us to hear.

This Sunday morning, Mom and I had some cinnamon rolls that Ali had brought from the College bakery, and read the Newspaper. Dad stayed in bed until about noon just after the Deacon left, had his pills, a juice glass of orange juice, some tomato soup and the four pills he is still taking.

We heard from Marilyn and Rosy. Marilyn went to the wedding of David Young, son of Mary Ann and Buddy Young. Turned out to be a Edison High School reunion as many relatives had gone their during the 60s.